Jillian and Chase Wedding

Jillian and Chase finally tied the knot! They did a two day celebration in Waterton, Cardston and then ending with their reception in Calgary. It was definitely a beautiful, loved-filled weekend. Jillian decided to do a first look with Chase near Waterton, even though it was SO windy and cold, it was as if neither one of them noticed.

Jillian wrote Chase a sweet note before he saw her, and once he turned around there was no stopping the happy tears. As he examined her with a smile, he said sweetly, “I’m so shy of you right now.” *HEART MELTS* how sweet is that???

Our next stop was the Prince of Wales Hotel which meant a lot to Jillian’s family. Her grandparents ran the hotel for several years, and it had such a stunning lookout of the mountains and lake. We rushed back for their ceremony in Cardston, sharing hugs and sweet words with family members and friends afterwards, having lots of laughs and jokes with bridesmaids and groomsmen, ending the day with couples portraits in the golden light and golden leaves of autumn.

Next day we celebrated their reception in Crescent Heights in Calgary, taking some classic black and white couples portraits and dancing the night away before they were whisked off to their honeymoon.

Congrats Jillian and Chase!!

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