Bridgerton Meets Stylized Vibes at Lougheed House

Praveen and Mitch had a wonderful combination of luxury Bridgerton inspiration combined with laid-back modern vibe at historic Loughheed House. For their ceremony, they combined several wonderful traditions from their backgrounds including a hand-fasting ceremony and a traditional Native American blanket ceremony.

From the bride, Praveen: “When planning our wedding our focus was our love. Our guest list was small with only our closest family and friends. We incorporated items from people who had passed and items from India where my grandmother was married. We wanted to embrace generations of love, while still creating our own traditions.”

So many elements came together to create a lovely, emotive day. All of their friends and family came from as far as England to be there for this sweet couple and there was even an emotional video created by a close family member who couldn’t make it for their wedding. Truly, it was an inspiring, heartfelt day and I feel so privileged to have captured it for them.

Congratulations Praveen & Mitch!

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