This year I'm so excited to announce that I'll be offering cherry blossom mini sessions on May 19th 
& May 20th at the Murdoch Park in Bridgeland, Calgary! This will be the perfect time to break out those spring dresses & pedicures and document the beautiful pink blossoms that won't last long--not to mention those precious moments with your little ones!
As a mom of a *very* busy 3 year old, I know firsthand how fast these years can go by. As a photographer, it's my entire business to capture fleeting moments that will only be a memory enhanced by a picture. 
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Meet your photographer

I'm Meg! And I've studied & pursued photography as a career for close to 8 years now! 
Because I've been honing and refining my craft, I can confidently say that I'll not only capture the mischievous grin of your 4 year old, the giggle of your 1 year old--you'll also have a fun as well! And yes--I can even get your 14 year old teenager or that camera shy spouse of yours to smile for the camera. I'll guide you and your family using simple directions and prompts to get genuine reactions from everybody. And it won't take very long at all to do it! My mini sessions are no longer than 15 minute so that way no one suffers from camera fatigue. 

Each family will get 15 minutes with me at Murdoch Park around golden hour (about an hour before the sun sets). I'll guide and direct you and your family into poses that feel natural and candid & are flattering for every body type. 
Afterwards, you'll receive 20 high resolution images sent to you via an online gallery that you can download and share to your heart's content! 
My normal rate is $375, so this is a great deal if you're wanting to update your photos, but also want to stay within a budget! 


The details

What should we wear?

My go to suggestions are flowy dresses, skirts or nice pantsuits for ladies, and button up shirts with khakis or dress pants for gents. For color schemes, neutrals photograph beautifully on camera--taupes, tans, mauves, pastels, are all super flattering! Try to coordinate rather than match. If you'd like to see examples, feel free to check out my Pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.ca/megatron22/family-photos/

How many people can we bring? 

Because these are such short sessions, I can only have a maximum of
6 people--any more than that just wouldn't be possible to coordinate in such a short time! 

How many images will we receive? 

Your family will receive a minimum of 20 high resolution, edited images in an online gallery within 4 weeks of your session date. You'll be able to download and share all the images in the link I'll provide you via email. You can also order prints through there as well! 

When is payment due? 

Payment is due upon booking & signing of the contract to guarantee your slot. 

Are these just for families?
Not at all! If you're wanting a photo of you and your sweetie, maternity photos, newborn photos, headshots for your business, or just glamor shots for yourself! I'm here to capture it all!

frequently asked questions

Murdoch Park
$150 + gST 

            May 19th                                  May 20th                    
      7:00-7:15PM                            6:30-6:45PM             
      7:25-7:40PM                           6:55-7:10PM             
      7:50-8:05PM                           7:20-7:35PM