A Winter Romance

I sort of conned Isabelle and Chris to do an anniversary session in the mountains recently! Little did we know, it was the WINDIEST day. I mean, there was an extreme wind warning for Barrier Lake (where I’ve always wanted to do a photo session!). But by the time we got there, the wind was so bad, it nearly took the door off our car!

As much as I was dying to do some gorgeous lake shots beneath majestic mountaintops, I was not about to subject Isabelle and Chris to pneumonia! So, like a good photographer, I decided to improvise. We figured Kananaskis Village was more inland with less wide open spaces where the wind would be tolerable. Thankfully we were right! It was still windy at times (as you can see from how wild Chris and Isabelle’s hair got in some shots!) but it wasn’t gonna blow them halfway across Alberta.

Enjoy! And Happy Anniversary you two!

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