Why You Should Have Your Own Customized Moodboard for Your Wedding Day

Let’s chat today about moodboards! Why you see them everywhere on pinterest, and why you need one customized for you and your wedding day vision.

First off, what IS a moodboard? You’ve probably seen them peppered along your pinterest feed or ocassionally on Instagram. I’m not sure how other people have defined what a moodboard is, but for me, a moodboard is a visual collage of the color, feeling, theme and overall look of your day.

A moodboard is a visual representation for what you want your wedding day to be like. For me, the best part about having a moodboard is knowing that not only do I have an idea as to what the wedding day will look like, (bohemian, shabby chic, elegant, organic, whimsical etc) it also helps my brides know what direction they want to go!

For me, when I was getting married, there were SO many options that it felt overwhelming. I ended up cherry picking a few ideas off of pinterest and then just trying to come up with my wedding day vision on my own without many images or visual references. Though I lovingly look back on my wedding day photos with joy, I know that if someone had created a moodboard for me based on my preferred color scheme, details, theme, florals & more, I know it would’ve been MUCH easier to plan out my day.

Moodboards help you refine all your choices, ensure that your color scheme & vision is cohesive, guarantee a beautiful wedding day story that’s entirely your own & gets you excited to plan all those details!

Here are a few example moodboards I’ve created in the past:

This is a moodboard I made for a bride who wanted a greenhouse inspired engagement session!
This moodboard I designed as inspiration for a winter woodland bridal inspiration shoot, which turned out even better than I envisioned!

And one of the best parts is seeing the moodboard come to life! What’s so fun about having a moodboard is seeing the moodboard before your wedding and then seeing the actual moodboard using all your own wedding day images!

Here are the realized moodboards using images from a real session!

Here is the final moodboard with the real greenhouse engagements at Saskatoon Farm!
This is the final moodboard for the real winter woodland bridal inspiration at Azuridge Estate Hotel!

Wedding days are more than just pretty decorations & pretty images. It’s the fulfilment of your love story unfolding right before your eyes! Moodboards help you create a beautiful love story of your wedding day, so is it any wonder why I’m so passionate about them?

I know it seems silly and like such a small thing, but trust me when I say moodboards are so important to capturing the vision of your wedding day and making it a reality!



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